J. Hunter

I am Hunter, but my Buds call my Jayd. I am currently 37, but the numbers don't mean much to me. My RL world consists of two daughters ( 11 &15) and a hubby of over 15 years. And technicaly I am a *stay at home mom*.. that just means my *job* is a "24/7" kind of job... and I don't get "sick days". Any free time I get usually occurs sometime between dusk and dawn. But I'd not have it any other way.  Now for the fun part. I am what you'd call an Original G1 Transfan. I had the distinct bitter-sweet pleasure of seeing TF:TM _In The Theater_ a glorious SIX times. Yes I was..er- AM quite addicted. To this day I still don't really know how or why a "kid's show" managed to root itself so deeply into my life. Many things perhaps.. The uniqueness of the entire concept (ie sentient transforming robots) , the incredible diversity in the characters, And ..inspite of some silly plotlines and bad dialoge.. the show touched on many *not so childish* concepts. The only other toon comparable would have been GI Joe.. but all the characters were more/less human, which for me held no fascination what so ever. Transformers opened up an entirely new and endlessly intriguing universe. Looking back now.. it is because of this very show that I met two of the most wonderfull people I have ever known. And in a way.. I have my own daughter to thank for that. Transformers were naught but a fond memory untill she brought them back into my life. OK... short story time.. ^-^ I grew up ..sorta ..got married and had two girls of my own. TFs were but a fond memory of days long past. I happen one day to take my then 5 yr old and baby to a church flea market. After some browsing around my daughter runs up to show me three video tapes she'd found and wanted to get. She really liked the pictures on the cases. . I about fainted when she handed me three Original FHE TF videos, for a dollar a piece. Needless to say I whipped out $3 faster than you can say transform. And so began the revival of TFs in the life of this Ol' time Transfan . . and her offspring . Then I discovered the internet. . and the the world will never be the same ;). As far as the TF's themselves..I realize the toy industry side of it is a major part of the TF universe, but it's not something that I personally care to focus on. Partially because I have a family to consider and can't justify spending that kind of money on something that will never leave the shelf. But mostly because it's the Mythos that fascinates me far more than the toys, always has been. And I figure there enough fanboyz out there to make the toy companies a profit. There is SOO much potential in the WORLD of Transformers rather than the toys.  What you see here are just glimpses into the fanfic world that I love to lose myself in :)   So there you have it.. Me in a half-cracked nutshell.