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I put up new stuff! I put up new stuff! READ IT..... Good God. Look. It's almsot September and I haven't updated since June. I am sooo sorry anyone who read my stuff a lot. Uhm. I'm working on a new story right now so I should get it up soon....br> Okay, I absolutely ADORE these artists and so you should go see them ASAP! KAido Rakean (dunno if I spelled her name right) Min Rho! Adele Sessler! Rachel M. Borovic! Genevie Sophie Routhier (not sure I spelled that one right either!) Christopher B.S. Johnson! Arron Dale! Richard N. Vang! Romina Paula Chamorro (she's a lovely person) More will come later.. I'll tell you when I update. Katie's Thought to Ponder: If you're afraid of clowns, but your family makes you become one, does that make you afraid of yourself? (this is soemthing I wrote down during school a while ago....


Water&Wings(CHapter Five)

We're getting close to the end, kids. Building up to the climax. ^_^ Well, then. As always, Sparrow and Jagkie are copyrighted to Rachel M. Borovic, everything else is copyrighted to me. And that necklac ehe gave Jagkie? I saw that in a store the other day. ^_^

Water&Wings(Chapter Four)

Okay, kids... this is the bad part. Not that it's WRITTEN badly, but here we get to see what's going on inside JAGKIE'S head and what's happening to him. This is some bad stuff. There's some violent yaoi, but it's more implied. Not graphic at all. Jagkie and SParrow are Copyrighted Rachel M. Borovic (go see her gallery *shameless plug*) Oh, boy.. *sniff*

Water&Wings(Chapter Three)

Okay. This is the THIRD chapter, and there's a bit of shonen ai/yaoi starting to show up in the story. I didn't PLAN it, it just showed up. So, if you don't like the thought of two boys being attracted to each other, please, either don't read this or try your hardest to keep an open mind. Worse is coming. Comment, people, comment! ^_^ Sparrow and Jagkie are copyright Rachel M. Borovic. Everyone else is copyrighted to me.

Water&Wings(Chapter Two)

This is Chapter Two of my story about Airfish and Sparrow. Airfish and any secondary chars are Copyright me, and Sparrow and Jagkie are copyright Rachel M Borovic. If you find yourself unsure of what is happening, READ THE FIRST CHAPTER.


This is kind of a surreal story, I feel like, since it never happened....


This is a story about a fledgling God. Ignore the Chapter one thing at the bottom... it got stuck there somehow, when I wasn't paying attention. This is just a one-time-story thing. Thanks. Whatever comes to my fingertips is going down. Interesting writing- a bit different than my norm, I think. The entire story is inspired by the pics of Christopher B.S. Johnson. Go see his galleries!

Long Way Down(Chapter Five)

Last chapter! Crappy writing, as usual. As usual. ALWAYS as usual. ANYWAY... read it. And COMMENT! PLEASE.. *begs.*


This is the first chapter of a story I'm working on. TWO of the characters in this story do not belong to me, but to Rachel M. Borovic. The world is mine, the Airfish is mine, and all secondary characters are mine, but Sparrow is Copyright Rachel Borovic (go see her gallery!)

Long Way Down, Chapter One

This is the start of my newest story, about my own original char named Soh-Ra. it's a sci-fi setting, but everyone has wings in this version of Earth, okay? Just think of it as a seperate dimension. God, the writing is crappy. *sighs, low selfesteem meter goes up to DANGEROUSLY LOW* *walks off*

Self Portrait in Words: Despair

This is my self portrait in words. You people who don't believe this haven't seen me most days in RL. I'll write another one that's the happier side soon.

Long Way Down(Chapter Two)

Okay, well, here we're treated to a Meh's part of the story, or his first part. We get to see his degeneration into obsession by the single thought of humiliating Soh. Making him hate. Crappy writing once again. *sulks off*


This is a little prose short story thing inspired by my grandmother. Grandpa never divorced her, but jsut her attitude after his death inspired this little paragraph/story. Copyright me.

Rag Doll

This is apoem to go along with two pics in my Fantasy gallery. Read it. I like it muchly. Copyright me. There'll be an actual story soon. I MIGHT take this down if no one likes it.

Ragdoll: The Story

This is the STORY to go with my two pics, or the first chapter. I think it's the first chapter, because there's something else I want to write with it. Copyright me.

Self Portrait in Words: Hope

THis is the hopeful side of my Self-Portrait in words prose peices. Not fiction in the slightest but possibly fantasy... copyright me

Long Way Down(Chapter Four)

This is, uhm, Hyp's chapter. Not much to say here. But if, by some miracle of god, you READ this, PLEASE comment.. please..?

Water&Wings(Chapter Six)

Here we go... the last chapter, kiddos! There's some definite yaoi in the story.. sorry, Rach, if you don't approve! ^_^ Sparrow and Jagkie are Copright Rachel M. Borovic (go see her gallery!) and everything else is copyrighted me. If you're confused, READ THE REST OF THE STORY. THank you. *skips off*

Long Way Down(Chapter Three)

Okay... third chapter. I don't have much to say.. except, uhmm.. read it. And don't flame me. So what if I torment my chars? They're MINE, so it doesn't matter. And THANK you to Rachel Borovic, who got me writing my first story and actually helped me get my butt started on THIS. Yay Rachel! *cheers*

Rag Doll: Chapter Two

I honestly don't know what I was thinking. I sat down to write the second chapter and this came out. And don't tell me this story doesn't have magic in it. There's amgic ALL OVER this story. *sigh*I dunno. I bet everyone'll hate it.