Salim Al Mumin

Though I have many flattering names you may call me Salim, the Boy of Dreams. I call myself that because it was from dreams that my soul was forged and it is by the power of dreams that I continue to exist to this day. In fact my entire existence in this world is for the sole goal of bringing my precious of all dreams to life so that I may one day return home to my four best of best friends and beloved sweetheart who are waiting for me back in Dreamland. I like My interest lie in such ethereal things as magick, fantasy, witchcraft, dreams, and many, many other things of the otherworldly...I'm a very non-secular individual. Favourite movies Any and all things cartoony or toon-related Favourite books Do you have a decade and a year for me to tell you? Favourite music Once again any and all things cartoony or that reminds me of the Toon World.