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Chapter 26: The Maros Comes Into View

The enemy vessel makes its long awaited appearance -- and the end is nigh for Macon.

Chapter 31: In the Eye of the Tornado

Simon seeks to secure the safety of those within the Tour du Soleil while things go from bad to worse at Saint Christophe.

Chapter 34: Revenge of the Bureaucrat

The Maros tests the defenses of the Tour du Soleil while Findegal tests Rana's patience.

Chapter 2: Death Hides a Tale

Recovered from their journey our intrepid Players of Cartélan are encouraged to investigate an unusual occurrence.

Chapter 13: The Shadow Plane

The Abbott of Maw guides our heroes to the Shadow Plane. Celedur receives the insight he requires to defend Macon.

Chapter 37: The Harlequin Arrives

A Harlequin arrives at the Tour du Soleil and begins to dance...

Chapter 47: The Ritual Completed

Rana completes the ritual upon the deck of the Maros while Heather returns to Simon's side.

Chapter 9: The Enemy Revealed

The Players launch a foray into the City. Like ripples on a pond the ramifications will affect them all for quite some time.

Chapter 24: A New Possibility

Findegal uncovers references to an item of Power while Simon eats breakfast.

Chapter 35: The Chains are Tested

All Macon holds its breath as the Maros surges towards the chains. Kane and Louise find the way into Macon is held by the enemy.

Chapter 44: Rana Begins the Ritual

With the middle deck obscured the Guardsmen take their positions at the stairs and Rana begins the ritual.

Chapter 12: Celedur and Urendox Share Breakfast

Over the breakfast table Celedur and Urendox discuss the current state of play in Macon. Things do not look good for the Maconais.

Chapter 20: Simon Revealed

Simon and Urendox uncover those lurking within the Temple of Maw.

Chapter 45: Templar's End

While the Guardsmen hold the stairs of the rear deck of the Maros the Templars of Lirani hold the palace gates.

Chapter 38: The Prince Arrives

Prince Annael arrives in Macon. Rana joins him in an assault on the enemy within the palace.

The Encyclopaedia of Everything

This tome will contain all of the setting information relating to these tales. Currently it contains the Who's Who of the setting plus a Lexicon.

Chapter 25: The Assault Begins

Urendox grows paranoid, Tahrik grows anxious, Rana becomes vexed, and everything becomes clear for Simon.

Chapter 29: Saint Christophe Unravels

The desperate attempt to locate the medallion attracts the enemies' eye. The response is bloody.

Chapter 36: Celedur has Fallen

Kane struggles to reach the Mayor's residence only to find that Celedur has been assaulted. Meanwhile Simon deals with the Plague Flies.

Chapter 46:

The Whitespore turns his attention from the battle to the rear deck of the Maros.

Chapter 23: Urendox Disturbed

There's not a moment's peace for Urendox as Macon's moment of truth approaches...