Corbett Robley

I live on the USS Abraham Lincoln in Washington State as part of my six year obligation to the USN. I also adore Sara Teasdale. And Ms. Seeley. I like Writing, bagels, rain, moral absolutist heroes, tragic heroes, lyrical poetry, nature and Sara Teasdale. Favourite movies Heavy Metal, Star Trek Favourite books Good Fairies of New York, Gil's All Fright Diner Favourite music The Distillers

The Dooming Rabbit

A soul tries finding its way to the light after enduring one hundred millennia in a gray place of fog and rain.

A Late Summer Sunday Evening

My favorite poem is A November Night by Sara Teasdale. I thought I'd like to write something that *resembled* it in form, and this was my attempt... Fall is my favorite season and I thought I'd also like to write something that made me feel like it was September no matter what time of year I was in.

I'll Die Yesterday

A study on Eternalism and the theory of block time.

The Watermelon Fairy; Or, The Clairseeley

A watermelon fairy befriends a young girl to cope with loneliness and depression.

The Pink Scarf

This is a poem.