Elizabeth Genther

7/7/08 - Hello everyone! Wow, I can't believe I've been gone for over a year. My gallery looks so ancient! I'll update as soon as possible so be on the lookout for updates!Hey wanderers of Elfwood. Welcome to my artwork gallery! My name is Elizabeth Genther (pronounced Jen-ther) and I am 23 years old. You can call me IceSpectra if you like. Not only do I want to create anime/manga cartoons but I want to be a model someday. (I am also a BIG collector of My Little Ponies!) I have been an artist most of my life (I began to get good in 3rd grade). I am a self-taught artist that began drawing anime about 10 years ago. One of my big-time dreams in to make my own anime/manga cartoon series. Below you will meet various characters from all the series that I want to make. Please do NOT steal or copy these characters and use them as your own. I have worked very hard to create these characters (they are my pride and joy). Well, please enjoy my artwork. I would appreciate any comments! I will update my gallery as soon as possible. Enjoy! Please visit these wonderful artists! Barry Waka (His art is so cool! Go check it out!) Ian Evans (My buddy, go check out his awesome artwork!)