HI! Whats up?I have a gallery here um Because...Duh I love to draw! and think its fun getting comments on what my mind comes up with. So look around and feel free to comment! A bit about me?... OK, if I Must.. I am 20, I draw, I read, I make home-made movies with my friends, I enjoy going to see a good movie, I love music like anyone else, mostly Rock/Punk, never Rap, bits of other genres, anywhere from Techno to Celtic, and that sort of thing, I also Jam out on my KeyBoard;) (or try to anyways Heh Heh) I love me friends and family, as well as me Doggie Chessie and Yeah, thats about it I think...A Bit about my Art? OK I am inspired mostly by pictures I look at (a lot being on elfwood), but also by what I read, think, watch or dream, I also think I might be a better artist if I lived somewhere More Green and Quiet then Las Vegas, but who knows LoL. and I think thats about it for now, Feel free to go look at my fan art there on the right hand side of this page under "Artist Links" and Come again Soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~*9A*~