Alice Dubois

Halloween 2007: Hey! My name is Alice Dubois and I am 21 years old. I am a Capricorn and also an ox (zodiacs). Right now I'm also really tired lol. I have not been drawing a lot because I am currently looking for a job and then will being the process of looking for an apt. I also have school in the mind as well. I will be attending a culinary school (cooking school) in January so I will finally come out as a sous chef by the time that is done :).I am a self-taught artist who really does enjoy it... even though it is just a hobby. Since it is self-taught don’t blame me if my hands, nose, or some parts of the body looks messed up. I am still practicing and it is just a hobby. Although it is really nice when someone gives me advice on drawing, it would be appreciated. I always make my people hide their hands behind their bodies or something (nice excuse huh? it isn’t though).The things what really inspires me are the things I read in books, watch on movies, or other pieces artwork, life itself, and history. Enjoy!If you want to write to me this is my e-mail address: February, 28,  2008: I have finally completed and uploaded some drawings and paintings. they just have to be approved. I love comments! so if you have anything to say just write and I'll be happy to reply. I always do. I like I love to read, reading helps inspire me through writting drawing or through life. Clearly I do draw and paint. Mainly I do them for two reasons, for entertainment, and for venting. I love to loook at art, but creating it is just as fun. Noramaly if I want something to be well drawn, it would take me a few weeks (I'm a perfectionist, so if something doesnt go my way I will crumple it and throw it out, lol). My favorite feature to draw would be the face, the expressions on a face is so numerous that it can be complicated... but thats a challenge, and thats fun. Sadly I dont only draw fantasy, so many of my art will not be posted on this site :( I do write. Mainly they are poems but they will not be posted either because they are non fantasy. Favourite movies lotr, underworld, starwars, anime, smallville, batman, tudors, midevial ages, harry potter, ancient roman Favourite books harry potter, lotr, ann rice, the other books i like are not in the genre. Favourite music too much!