Katie sharplin

Art is my mistress and so I must draw, I am now a married woman and live with my wonderful husband. I work as a part-time illustrator and work with lots of mix-media materials. I like lots of reading, drawing and watching lots of fab films plus the odd adventure in the welsh hills lots of climbing and hill walking lol Favourite movies Of course Harry Potter, Lord of the rings, the chronicles of Narina, star wars, Red dwarf, Time Bandits, Flash Gordon, star trek, the hobbit, animation films, merlin, mrs browns boys, father ted, the big bang theory, robot chicken Favourite books and comics are: fantasy novels such as The lord of the rings trilogy's, The Hobbit, Harry Potter, World of war craft comics, Grimm's Fairytales, Arthurian myth and legends, all mythological stories. Favourite music In my personal opinion I think that QUEEN are the best rock band in the world, I absolutely love their music and would listen to it over and over again and don't ask me to pick out my favourite album of theirs, I love them all!