Hi. I'm Raven, or Iris.. I like Jrock... and Kpop... and Gackt, and Dir En Grey (Kaoru and Die to be specific), and 'hide', and Malice Mizer (Kami and Yuki), and anime, and yaoi/shonen-ai. Give me comments or I will steal all your chocolate... *nods sagely* 10/23/02 NOTICE: I do NOT frequent Elfwood any more due to the fact my drawings and works are travelling outside their definition of FANTASY/SCI-FI. ALSO, their ticket system is so far backed up that it's ridiculous. I NOW USE DEVIANT ART (http://www.deviantart.com/). I am known as YamiKarasu there. I will no longer check this place but it will remain up for your viewing pleasure. My Deviant Art section Amanda Nelson My partner in insanity! XD Yami Go visit it! Monade Tenjou She isch cool. Go see her stuff!