Iris Joyner

Weeell now.. welcome to my very dusty corner in Wyvern. *dusts off a few stories and sneezes* As you can see.. I do like to write.. I just don't write a whole lot. I'm a fickle writer... writing and working on a story real hard only to possibly throw it in the trash a month later. Soo... don't expect this place to get many updates. Wanna know more about me? Cruise on over to my Lothlorien gallery then... :P 5/23/02- Heeeellloooo.... I added a story. ^^; It features Camuri! ^_^ More chapters are to come!


A short story about a little half-elven girl named Janet and a blond haired, blue eyed elf named Blue. It's mainly based on how Janet was found by Blue and adopted, and it revolves around Blue a bit, but it's mostly supposed to be about Janet in her REALLY early years. Read and enjoy!

Winter Garden

This is a little poem I wrote while drawing a picture for my character Talis. He's an elf that was an orphan, walked into town all covered in blood, rejected by everyone except a rich half elven woman who hands him over to a kind old lady. Later he freezes the town as well as the WHOLE 5 thousand acre countryside. The poem mainly relates to his past and the garden he owns in memory.

Athera, a Misled Angel

This is a little story on Athera L. Jenasin, a character I play. It tells a bit of her life, and how she is nothing but a misled angel. I also fixed it up, now that I have a word processer and not some lousy word pad program.

Heavenly Hush

I'm getting more into poetry, now discovering I CAN actually write it. Also... Japanese Rock is beginning to influence it... strange. I guess music does imprint something words can't exactly do...Anyway, I'll let you guys figure out the true meaning behind this... Oh... I'll tell you this, is does kinda deal with angels. ^-^ Inadvertantly.

Around and Back Again

Sydney, a girl, goes to writer of 'vampire stories', and tells her vampire story... but is it real or fiction?

True-False Existence

Okay.... I've watched Matrix just a tad too much... and listened to Malice Mizer and Gackt too much too. -_-; Oh well, I guess me and my crazy mind has gone on the loose with the theory of reality...Other than that, can't say much more.

Minus One

This is about Blue and his family, mainly though, because of the title, it's about the family loosing one family member.