The Namesake - Ilchymis

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Erin Schuler

This is me! No, really! *gets whacked with a book*  Okay, okay, it's not REALLY me. But it's still me; This is Ilchymis! :D   I call him my "Namesake Character", because Ilchymis is my username and such. He's one of two "namesake characters", really. Takui being the first (some aspect of her is in the gallery...) Anyway, this is a work in progress, so please ignore the unfinished phoenix in the corner and the metal chocobo knock-off in the background. It's not even supposed to be metal, it's supposed to be made of stone. But I can't draw stone X_x  Right. Moving right along, this character is Ilchymis, a not-quite-male/not-quite-female character from my fanatasy world called Urun. S/He's a magical construct who does not age. And the term construct is used loosely. Ilchymis has flesh and blood, but the means from which he was created are entirely magical. What's more, the poor thing was left incomplete. S/He was more like a prototype; A test for the creators to see if it workled before they created Ilchy's four siblings. Ilchymis him/herself was going to be destroyed, but the people who made him/her never quite got around to it, and left him/her sitting in solitary darkness for a couple decades. Ilchymis does not eat, and can only take in water. Ilchymis has only one wing, and so cannot fly (though s/he adores all things that fly, and has a massive aviary full of birds both mundane and exotic). Ilchymis' most distinguishing characteristic is that "he"/"she" has no gender. Completely lacking in the reproductive organs of male or female. Though, due to not having any breasts either, Ilchymis is usually referred to as male by the people "he" meets. Ilchymis is a powerful wizard and a mimic. He can wield mighty spells with ease, and can repeat any spell he encounters. However, Ilchymis is a pacifist and will usually flee from a bad encounter. Ilchy has the emotional maturity of a young child, though he's lived a long life and is very intelligent and wise. Graphite pencil on paper, drawn from a reference.

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