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Shoya Stormfeather is a strong, female Vulf in service to the "Night Bringer" Azriel Obsidian. She leads a pack of battle-hardened Vulf slaves numbering nearly forty individuals. Although she has endured slavery and torture her entire life, she accepts her place as a servent to the Two-Leggeds. Her allegiance sworn to Azriel makes her an enemy to Gouran Shadowwalker, and her mighty pack has left many a town in ruin. She follows her orders with blind loyalty and adoration, and will readily fight to the death any who oppose her dark master. The Vulf were a once proud race, living in tight-knit, nomadic tribes in the wilds of the world. They roamed vast territories as one with nature, worshipping the elements that guided their lives. When the Vulf tribes came into conflict with the expanding civilations of humans, daemons, and other humanoids over territory and hunting grounds, it wasn't long until all-out war broke across the land. After many brutal battles, the Vulves were decimated, and the survivors were forced into slavery for their two-legged oppressors. Tribes were broken apart, mothers separated from their pups, mates from their partners, and leaders from their packs. Once able to fly with the wind spirits, all Vulf slaves were now denied the sky; Their wings were cut off, to hinder escape attempts and break their spirit. The practice was continued for all newborn pups as well, as generation after generation was bent to the will of humanoid masters. Every Vulf was branded on the shoulder with a mark that declared them the property of a specific person or estate. Shoya Stormfeather leads a pack of slaves. Although her master Azriel is kind to her, and lets her roam freely without shackles, she remains a slave at heart. Shunning those who have tried to offer her freedom, she remains the loyal servent she was bred to be. She has clawed out the brand on her shoulder, after being saved from a cruel owner by her present master. To Shoya, the collar now around her neck is a symbol of her love for her master, and anyone who tries to take it from her will surely face death.   Graphite lineart. Character © to me

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