Jarret'kho Gali-Naen

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Erin Schuler

This is a much beloved character of mine since age 12 or 13. His name is Jarret'kho Gali-Naen, which means "Warrior King with a Heart of Gold" in his language. Well, translated word-for-word, "Jarret'kho" means "Gold Heart", and "Gali-Naen" means "Warrior King/Prince". But I'll bore you with their grammar and such some other day. :3  I'm gonna go into a bit of detail about this guy here, so those of you with a phobia of blocks of text and such can feel free to skip right down to the purty picture. Warning! Wall of text incoming! In 3.. 2.. 1.. +++ First off: Jarret is NOT a dragon anthro, no matter how much he looks like it (however, he can turn into a dragon via magic - he's the fluffy one in my gallery!). Jarret is of a race I created and have been working on for quite a few years now. They're called Dhraeken, which means "Dragon Kin" in their language. They're not literally the kin of dragons, though. The name comes from their close bond with dragons in their society (something I will refrain from explaining here). Dhraeken are endothermic - warm blooded - which makes them mammals by definition. They do have scales, which are formed from the same material as their hair. They do not shed their skin all at once like a reptile, but will shed and replace cracked or damaged scales as they go. His wings bear feathers on the upper third as a form of insulation, keeping the joints warm at higher, colder altitudes while they fly. Dhraeken are sentient, and do wear clothing, but I drew him naked because I hate drawing clothes and because this started as a study of their anatomy. Jarret here is a Dhraeken male, called a Buck, and is set apart from the female, called Does, by his pronged horns, the "fighting spur" on the fourth toe, and tail sting. His right horn was broken off in battle, from the same blow that left his scar and blinded his right eye. He is the main character and hero from my novel-in-progess titled "Shadowbane". His lifemate and children were murdered by the story's villian, who was formerly his best friend who went loco and killed himself after his fiance was murdered and Jarret framed for it. It's a long and complicated story. And I ramble incoherently. So, I'll stop. For now :3 Hee hee. This was drawn in pencil, and started out as just a pose concept and an excuse to mess with anatomy. About halfway through, I decided to put in some more detail and definition, despite the anatomical errors - The torso is a wee bit too short, so is his leg. *sigh* But I still love the picture. Yes, I know the feathers look like crap. I'm not so good with the feathers. And I have no idea what he's looking at. As for the pose... Well, something like half-sitting, half-leaning, half-standing... zomg, 3 halves?! *brain a'splodes*

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