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Legends tell of a creature called No-Name, a shadow spirit that flickers between this world and the next. Some say he is the totem guide, or even a god, of a lost civilization, wandering the land in search of purpose. Others say that he is a demon, an omen of doom and devastation, and that where ever he appears death will surely follow. Still more suggest that he is merely a lost soul, lonesome and abandonned, unable to pass on in peace. He is an anomoly, an enigma, a paradox... A force of both good and evil, yet at times completely benign. It is said that he appears only at night, when the moon is either full or new. Many people believe that, if you listen, you can hear him crying to the stars. Sightings of him are numerous, and date back several generations. No two stories are ever the same. One man claimed to have met No-Name face to face, and saw the secrets of the universe in his eyes. A woman claims that No-Name came to her in a dream, and said that her village would be drowned by floods, a prophecy that came true several weeks later. There is an account of two young children, lost in a winter storm, that were saved from certain death by No-Name, who led them back home. Another man reportedly went mad trying to hunt No-Name, and to this day sits in a prison cell screaming that he can still hear the spirit baying in his nightmares. Some say that criminals guilty of murder will meet their end on No-Name's claws, and other stories tell that No-Name has spirited away sick children to the afterworld, sparing them long and agonizing deaths. What tales you decide to believe is your decision to make. But be wary, for someday, when the moon has risen and the stars shine brightly in the quiet night sky, you may have a chance to meet him yourself. Will he reveal the secrets of the universe to you? Or will he be the messenger of your death? Look into his eyes, my friend, and see.

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