Samantha Magnus

What a relief! I thought I was going to have to write everything in third person. While that's fine for stories, it's aggravating with bio's. I like to write but rarely find the time! I'm a Unitarian with conservative-left beliefs and I'm going into religious studies and botany at the University of Calgary next year. I love trying new foods, learning other languages, reading novels that I don't have to analyze to death, slouching in easy chairs, spinning in swivel chairs, watching innovative movies or movies with Brad Pitt, laughing until I think my belly button is going to cave in, taking scalding-hot baths with lots of bubbles, rolling down hills, running alongside my dog, making patterns in the snow, dancing in the living room. the smell of the stairs at Foothills hospital, sunsets from the John Laurie overpass, haikus, spinning globes and pointing at random places, ripping old homework assignments, balancing textbooks on my head....okay so I love a lot of things. I'm sure you've a got a general image of who I am. Just remember that there's always more ;)

Perfect Match

Entertainment fiction. A cute story. The inspiration came from my bedroom door, which shakes violently at random.

Poem - Medusa

Nothing like mythological metaphors to express your anger.