Colin M. Agnew

Whats to say? I'm 17 years old, turn 18 in december. I play with fire, my room is my sanctuary and I'm the lead singer of a local metal band called The Last Word. I write when i have an idea that just wont let go, and it starts to drive me crazy untill i get it down on paper. I ususally get inspired by ancient customs, or artifacts that i see in museums, or even by stiff as simple as music. It really depends on my mood. For example, when i listen to the theme from Schindler's List, the point in the story is usually sad, and vice versa. But writing is just a hobby of mine. I don't think that i'll try to make a living off of it, but it is still fun to do.

The Forsaken

Really twisted plot, the fire sorta sizzled out. criticism appreciated

Bone Warrior Chapter 1

Barbarian youth destined to save the world from total destruction, that old thing