Bryan D. Doyle

Well I’m new to the woods, I have however been commenting on a lot of stories. I’m 15, love Myths, and all related. Ireland is where I would rather be... but we all know how that goes. I am actually full Irish but live in America. I am plotting to take over the world *grumbles having let out his deep secret*. You didn't hear that from me ok? Writing is my game. I have been writing since i was about 10 years old. I would like criticism as well as compliments so if you have anything to say feel free you email me or what ever. OOH! I don’t like bios and anyone who could help me with a little bit of html it would be appreciated.

Chapter One

This is a new book i have been working on for the last couple of weeks or so.

Battle Raven

This is my first time at writeing poetry. Its about a Celtic deities, i have included a small history on it so if your confused please refer to it.