Name: i'd say you've already gotten the idea that my name is lucy. well guess whay?! your right!Likes: to say random stuff, chocolate, purple muffins, choc chip pancakes, Australia, my drawing padDislikes: people playing with my hair, bad food, my old maths teacher, pklaying the violinDraws: anything really, fairies, elementals and elves are the best thoughEyes: red cats eyesPets: i have two fire breathing cats I like drawing. anything to do with art as long as its not post modernism. swimming. living. blah blah blah Favourite movies the seeker Favourite books Artemis Fowl, Twilight, new moon, anyhting by isobelle carmody, anything by tamora peirce Favourite music justin timberlake, the foo fighters, the gorillaz, weird al, the veronicas, fallout boy, panic at the disco, dappled cities fly