Ilana MacDonald

I was born in Manitoba, but was raised in Quebec. I drew my first picture at the age of two, and have been drawing ever since, but I think I've improved a bit since then. I've kept sketchbooks throughout elementary and high school, and now, in the Physics programme at Bishop's University, I rarely get the chance to draw, but do when I can. I've dabbled in acrylics, watercolours, and computer drawing, but I still and always will prefer plain old pencils and paper. I joined a band a couple of years ago (see our website here if you're interested) and being part of an artistic collective has given me a lot more opportunity to create art (I did all the artwork for our website among other things). Also, I'm part of the Elftown community, which, between contests and my own personal projects, gives me even more opportunity to be artsy. I just wish I had enough time to balance everything!