B. H. Abbott-Motley

I'm a PhD student in American studies at the University of New Mexico, an anarchist revolutionary, and a transhumanist dreamer. I've published two science fiction stories so far: "Growing Season in Mare Frigoris" in the anthology Return to Luna and "Riding with Alan Turing" in Loco-Thology. As a fantasy writer, I would identify Tolkien, Le Guin, and Morris as my inspirations. Le Guin and Morris especially, as they manage to combine excellent fiction with socialist political thought. I don't necessarily do this successfully, but that's the goal. My love of martial fantasy creates endless cognitive dissonance as it interacts with my avowed pacifism and commitment to social justice. I honestly have little clue how reconcile these two aspects of my personality; you may be able to see this conflict play out in my work.  I like Fantasy, Science Fiction, Technology, Anarchism, Western Martial Arts, Historical Weapons and Warfare Favourite books The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and the Simarillion by J. R. R. Tolkien, The Earthsea Cycle and The Dispossessed by Ursula Le Guin, Neuromancer by William Gibson, Trouble on Triton by Samuel Delany



As spring comes to the North, two companions from a tiny village follow their lord to battle dreaming of glory and riches.


A priestess heals an enemy captain only to find him threatened with execution as a captive.

The Prince's Sword

Seeking wealth and glory, two brothers set out on a perilous adventure to raid an ancient barrow. They struggle as much with each other as with the tomb's wards, learning about themselves while discovering hidden treasures.