Samantha Hosea

...Welcome, ye traveller in the woods...welcome to my little piece of mind... with arms wide open she invites you to go deeper into her realm, and, wondering what you're like, she smiles, hope in her heart that your visit will be enjoyable for both ...Here you can stray and relax with some things I happened to have written down... ...Writing is therapy, for me it is... She looks at you shyly as though she wants to ask you something, but isn't sure how to put it Oh, I would really like some REAL comment on the stories and am hereby inviting you to sacrifice a few minutes of you precious time ot let me know what you think...please do, that was the only reason I put them get some feedback (well, more feedback, that is...) sighs, since she told you now what's been on her heart ...There's a big pile of stories I wanna finish and an even larger one of stories I wanna write!!! and, after this exclamation which is not connected at all with any of the other lines written here, she dares ask you one more thing, before you'll get to see a piece of her Enlight me with your comment, please?!?!?!? your heart must be made of stone, if you will be able to resist this little hopeful face, looking at you pleadingly, craving for comments ...And now...all there's left to be said is: I hope you'll enjoy!

A Dragon's Heart

I wanted to write something really fantasy-like, for I notice that many of my writings aren't really fantasy...So I wrote this, just to find out if I could do some REAL fantasy too...

Little Proze

euh...well...little proze

changing home

get lost in you own home...imagine that...


Just something I did...dunno why, just felt like writing it down.


This one is supposed to be lyrics, just haven't done the music yet...thought I'd put it here...please tell me what you think it means, so I know if I have to give it a name...or if it's satifying enough to stay vague and mystical...

The Last Minutes of the Old times

euh, well, started off when I just woke...I don't know what to think of it...tell me what you think!

I am master of all

Based on something truly existing, modified a whole lot...if you wanna know what it is, just ask me...quite interesting


This one was written because I wanted to try and write a story inspired on a drawing of a friend of mine...(visit Sjors van Roosmalen on elfwood!)I thought the little hatchling needed a name and...well, it kinda deserved a story here it is...euh, well, I don;t really like the way it's written, but I thought, let's put it in here anyways Sjors's drawing of Wulrough: I wanna see Wulrough

early story

a hymn to nature, as I yawn in my nice warm bed...

My yala-Hero

This story started with just a few words...the rest just splurted out of my pencil... I've got much admiration for this little person... tell me what you think of it!


it's all about your own approach...


Well, this is one of which I don't know what to think of. This one's more written 'from the heart' than the other two, I guess, the others were just stories that came and this one's more...I don't know...ah, well, just read, if you wanna...and comment, if you feel like it...

World fading

started from nothing, faded into nothing...


Never...ever...ever...ever trust a stranger. Let this be a warning to all the innocent and naïve persons out there...

A prophecy

Inspired by the movie: what was it called again?!!? I don't remember! Oh, right, 'The Seventh Sign'. I think...Anyways, I thought it would end in a different way than it did and it gave me this idea. this one was really written from an idea I first had, something I seldom tell me, can you tell by the way it is written? Drawing worked out pretty nice, too! (Didn't it?)


written some time ago... not sure how I like it. It's a bit 'higher' than the rest of my stories...I think. But of course, there's no way I can be objective...

Growing Up

OK, so I browse through Elfwood once of my favorite time-spending things, and I come to this artist...who - in my opinion - really IS an artist...and I see this picture of his...and after the wow-feeling, this story came bubbling to the surface of my head. So what I'm now asking you to do is, first view Tristan's picture, then read my story and then go where you wanna go (probably to his site...) Thanks for inspiring me, Tristan! Hope we'll stay in touch!


True story! (well, a bit modified, but still most of it is true...)


wondering if any would understand...I sure don't...