Ray Valen

Hello, welcome to hell. I'm the devil, but you can call me Toby. You're all here for eternity, which is a sort of a long time, so you'll all get to know each other very well... by the end. Are there any questions?No, there aren't any toilets. Those of you who've read your bible would no it's damnation without relief...~Rowan Akinson Okay, now that I've stolen a bit of humour from the man who plays Mr.Bean, I suppose I should start coming up with my own. Okay, here's one of my favorite quotes:"You're unique, just like everybody else" Still not my own though. Oh well, there's enough humour in my STORIES if you want entertainment (Which is why you're here, hopefully!). Dragon Knight and Troublesome Trio are the ones which are supposed to be funny. Though I accidentally put humour in Worlds Collide as well. I'm sorry, I just can't do serious very well. Well, about me if you care to know. I'm a guy. Yip, I'm also the master of the obvious. I'm 19 at the moment, though just barely. Because I was born on the 23rd November, 1987. I am South African and am currently a University student, studying BSc (Bachelor of Science). I just finished my first year, and hope I did well in exams. Just waiting for the results. But my majors in my 3rd year should be Microbiology and Biochemistry. And hopefully after that I'll be able to get a job as a fishpacker in Alaska Well, that's enough info about me.         The links, to all the people better than me! Patricia Saw, ever the elusive white rabbit.Alice Smith, 'Muffinly' is a good way to describe her happiness and homeliness.Chris Jackson, I wish him luck with his writing career.Cecily Webster, like a werewolf - sharp claws but soft fur as well.Liari Seidel, a feline, and thus with the same referance as Cecily.Alice Raven. What's your opinion about ravens?.Charly Strawberry. 'Strawberry lipstick, my favorite flavour'. That's a song. From somewhere.Tim Schein, boyish . The Awesome Artists of Elfwood. Jessica PefferGillian Sein Ying HaMelissa J. FajardoErin Charmaine ClarkJessica Leigh HymasKayun LiLienn ChewRavenskar BuiEric Martin               I like Playing squash, ballroom dancing, hiking and camping, reading, playing PC games, playing guitar, 2min noodles, and interesting science stuff Favourite movies Series: I've liked almost all decent fantasy and scifi series that have come out, and the new series "Game of Thrones" based on George Martin's "Song of Ice and Fire" looks like it's going to be pretty awesome. I like most fantasy and SciFi movies as well, although I have a pet hate for all Robin Hood and Batman stories. For some reason I just don't like those two concepts. Favourite books Michael Crichton is probably my favorite author, he is one of few whose books I have actually put effort into hunting down. He's the guy that wrote Jurassic Park, but he has several other modern day sci-fi's that I love. My favorite is "Prey". Brent Weeks' "The Night Angel" trilogy is fantastic and spellbinding. Alastair Reynolds' Revelation Space series set in a super advanced world is fantastic, although be prepared for a lot of big words. I find his imaginary technology to be the most realistic and believable. George Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series is what I'm busy with at the moment, and is climbing in my personal book ratings really quickly.

Shadow Master 1 - Prologue

 This prologue introduces the two main characters of the story, as well as the mood. Be warned, it's dark and the story will follow suite. (Two pages)   18/05/2011: Submitted

Society Set

 Trish's reward for nabbing my 100th comment. Unfortunately she is no longer part of Elfwood so that link is broken. Old storyThis is actually a dream I had, and writing it was my attempt to be deep. In retrospect, I failed dismally. I think it has some untapped potential, which I would like to think I'll get around to tapping sometime in the future but for now it's not in the cards. DescriptionIn the future aliens take over the world and some people aren't very happy about that. 

Worlds Collide

Old story Whatever you do, don't read this just yet. It's old and badly written, and right now the bottom has been eaten by machine junk -  however it is in line for an upgrade! Once rewritten it should be fairly decent. So please just wait for that ok? I'm leaving this up till I replace it.(Two parts of 10 pages each)

Who Knows...

Old storyA very short story based on a dream I had. It's surreal and not intended to make much sense. (One and a Half pages)

Dragon Knight

Old storyThis one dedicated to Alice Smith for some random comment prize. It is incredibly silly, moronically so - and is written in a very childish way. It's amusing in it's own right if you're in the mood though.(Ten Pages)