Malin Hedström

Last update: March 2009 - Wind Dragon I figured I hardly cleaned up the gallery at all since I joined a bunch of years back. So here's the big update; a few new items, a bunch of old cleaned away. Sorry my friends if you're missing anything but I believe I need to display a more current image of my artistic side!The autumn of 2007 I started an education in CG art at Luleå University of Technology ( and 2011 I will have a bachelor's degree in CG art. I will try to update with a few things during this time but might be very busy during some periods. Fantasy art has a special place in my heart but I regularly work on other things as well and you can see a bunch more at my deviantART gallery - moorstream.deviantart.comI really appreciate if you leave a comment, particularly if you have some idea what could be done better or why you like a picture! I always answer any comments with questions or suggestions of any kind.If you want to discuss or ask something, please write a mail and I'll answer shortly. I might take on a commission now and then if I find the extra time to spend. I like Art and crafts, reading, nature, gaming, movies, board games Favourite books Almost all by Ursula Le Guin