Ingrid Atkinson

I'm an nineteen year old student in Canada. I mostly work in black pen or pencil and I'm not very good and would rather not have a gallery here at all but my dearest friend Fiora, a very artistic woman, said that she wouldn't join Elfwood until I did. Mwahaha. This'll teach her. She has. So go there now it's beautiful. She's a very talented artist and needs to be told so repeatedly. She doubts my judgement. So leave here now and go there. Trust me. You won't regret it.

No Need to Promise

Adonis is just a sweet young boy . . . Right? Part of the Children section of The Perfect Gamble.

Unchained Melody

The power of music.

Waking Nightmares

Nightmares from the past haunt a young fae boy.


Aithne Lye is in prison, but he doesn't seem to mind . . . Part of the Children stories for The Perfect Gamble.

Calling the Moon

Finley Goleudydd just wants to be one of the boys . . . Part of the Children section for The Perfect Gamble.

Reflections of Eternity

Thoughts and dreams and reality are all muddled for a student at a private school one night. One of the stories in the Children section of The Perfect Gamble.

Bad Poetry and a Crime

A ballad about 'pirates' I wrote for english class. I really don't like poetry. Ah well. I thought it was cute anyway and stars Kegan and Jonathan Startredder.

Darkness in the Morning Sun

In a brooding little first-person-point-of-view one shot I whipped up in an hour after walking the dog I ruthlessly abuse symbolism drawn from oriental religious concepts. And make a horrible pun out of the title for those unfortunately familiar with my never ending fictional family orchard.

Tell Me

Things aren't always as perfect as people might wish them to be . . .


Some people don't need to sleep.

Conversation with my Mask

An angsty little collection of thoughts and misery I wrote during church. Sometimes love hurts.