Antonia Fenech

I do Medieval Studies at Uni,  I have traveled quite a bit, and do a lot of volenteer work mainly for kids at risk I like Reading fantasy, fiction, I do quite a lot of art work, leather work(I design and carve in leather), draw fairies, wizards, dragons. I play piano, flute. Favourite movies Merlin, Harry Potter, The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns, Hogfather, Star Gate, Robin Hood Favourite books Harry Potter, The Alchemyst, The Accidental Sorcerer, The Dragon Chronicles, The Way of Wizards, The Book of Myths, The Book of Faries and Elves, The Lore of the Bard etc... Favourite music Clannad, Enya, The John Butler Trio, Pete Murry, The Cramberries, Luka Bloom, Mary Black

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