Catherine Batka

I have been stalking Elfwood since I was...hrrmm... 11? 12? Thaen there was a long period where I never went on the site, and now, roughly 7 years later, I've chosen to join.I am an Animation Major at Ball State University with  a passion and focus in character design.This gallery contains some of my very old work as well as some of my recent pieces. I feel it's a good way to keep track of my progress.Not much else to say aside from that. Should you chose to look through my art, I hope you enjoy! I like My interests include (but are not limited to): Zombies, art, music, theatre, comedy, psychology, history, fashion, video games, character design, comics, b-horror flicks, storytelling, fiction writing, satire, making fun of everything, etc. etc. Favourite movies Dead Like Me, Firefly, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Wonderfalls, Iron Man, The Crow, Mystery Men, Galaxy Quest, Hellboy II, League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Sleepy Hollow, Repo! The Genetic Opera, Monsters Vs. Aliens, Star Trek, Star Trek: First Contact, Star Wars: A New Hope. Favourite books ANYTHING by Garth Nix, Piers Anthony stuff, The Dragonlance series, The Zen of Zombie, and all sorts of comics that I can get my hands on. Favourite music I tend to like soft rock, folk (NOT to be mistaken with Country) and acoustic music. Bands that are heavy in harmonic vocals are very nice as well, and as such, I also tend to like A Capella. I love orchestral music and any modern music that mixes rock and classical instruments, especially the cello and violin. I also have a guilty pleasure in the form of Show Tunes. My current favorite musician is Andrew Bird, but I also love The Killers, Phish, Queen, David Bowie, Coldplay and more.