Emily Turner

PIP'S FAN ART GOES HERE! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!! ^-^; Last updated: September 14th, 2003: Added :Kurtage & Snowy Stuffs About The Person Who Draws This Junk: *I Love LotR *Hobbits are my favourite race from said Books/Movies *Kurt Wagner is the coolest X-Men character *Then comes Gambit & Rogue *I love most shounen ai fanart, unless it's pairings of 2 complete enemies. {DibXZim for an example} *I am the rare person who doesn't like Harry Potter {the character & the series}, but somehow absolutely loves Sirius & Lupin. *I am an avid Jhonen Vasquez fan, & I think that the Mods should allow JtHM fanart again *I love the animes Weiss Kreuz & Yami No Matsuei *I know I've bored you all to Kingdom Come by now ^^