Lipták László

Hello! I'm Lipták László, from Hungary. My pictures tell everything about me. Let me know what you think. I appreciate your criticism, too... My Absolute Fave Steph Law One of the greatest artists, I've ever seen. Her watercolor pictures are awesome, you must see her gallery! Mood and Colors Igino Fantastic colors, and details. His acrylic/digital technic is more then cool! Christiaan A. Iken Another great acrylic painter. His Lotr pictures have great mood. My 'Twin' Brother: Ken A digital artist with cool ideas. He is a great friend. Ken helped at my first steps in the Wood. Imaginative Characters Alexey S. Lipatov Very high level character design... W. Li Great characters, great designs! Timothy R. Wollweber Cool charcter concepts: both linework and color pictures. Concept characters Panov Masterpieces! His artwork is very unique. You must see his gallery! And don't miss his sci-fi gallery either! Classic Master Sof Jewels, sculpts and paintings! Sof is a great artist and a good friend. Her works are awesome!!! Go and visit her galleries! Pencil Masters Hian H. Rodriguez Black and white grandmaster. Really cool artwork! Michael James May Original ideas, and awesome technic. His works are pearls of graphic art! 'Dirty da Vinci' Great friend and cool graphic artist! I like his competitions and contests. They are really inspirating.