Constanza Ehrenhaus

I am a biologist, currently living in USA, but born in Argentina. I've been always very fond of fantasy art and finally I feel that my own is good enough as to be shown, even though I look forward geting better at it. I am for the most part a digial artist but I am trying not to stop doing digital. Many things inspire me: books, songs, even oil spots on the road! I like to use colors a lot, I also like the motion of bodies, especially Rodin-like twisting. Please take a look at my artwork, enjoy, criticize! And thank you for dropping by. If you need to contact me, please do so at faerywitchart(at) Now I have a DeviantART gallery, so I can post what does not fit Elfwood. If you feel like, just go see.  I also have a small and blooming Epilogue galery where you can see some things that won't be here or will be modified to meet their standards. You are invited... Go see! Update 15-june-2006. I got engaged, and I'm very happy!