Iris Ayers

None of this stuff will probably make any sense at all.. its all too rhymey and wordy. Take what you want of it.

The Dream

A comedy based off of a dream my brother had. It's pretty funny if you have a good sense of humor. Enjoy!!

Upon the Sad Death Toll Rings

I wrote this a long time ago. Don't really know what it's about or why I wrote it.


A poem using many metaphors to imply how those who seem so superior and stronger then you are really weak and inferior; how people believe in false things and everything but the truth; how people are blind to everything that is not sat in front of them by previous generations.

Love's Sonet

Oh, how love may be swept away from you even in the happest moments without warning.

Rose Witches

A spell to fix a mirror, without getting the 7 years bad luck for breaking it.