Halloween is fun?

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Brie O´Reilly

So, Halloween is very very close.  I felt the need to draw something cutesy, which is very unlike me. Anyway, I recycled an old character from one of my art classes - the little girl.   She's all dressed up as a witch for halloween and is desperately trying to convince her demon friend that halloween can be fun.  I don't think he's buying it. His bodiless hellhound pup doesn't look too happy either.  This is the lineart(first attempt at such with my tablet).  You can see the colored version here as well.  Also, the sign taped to his chest says "Super Bob and Halo Pup."  I love that little hellhound; he came out cuter than expected. 

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This short story - if you can call it that - is a break-away from my other story Panic. A lot of people requested more of Panic and Fear, but I thought it was time I introduced some other characters. Obviously, if Panic and Fear exist, then others must as well. I have always known that the son of Panic and Fear would be Nightmare - what better offspring could there be for that pair? What I wasn't prepared for, was Nightmare insisting on the introduction of his most unlikely match. I will admit that I'm not entirely satisfied with this right now. Something about the way I've written Nightmare's perspective bothers me. Perhaps because he's a male character. Suggestions? I also had trouble in revealing who Nightmare's companion truly is. Hopefully it's not too large a leap. It could probably use a good editing session as well, but I'm feeling impatient. Constructive criticism welcome. Enjoy.

DisEnchanted -- 02

Oh my...another chapter. No promises on this one, it simply did not want to be written. As a result, scenes I never intended to be written inserted themselves, and scenes that I was looking forward to stumbled in their first steps. In the end I'm posting this without the ending scene I had originally planned. That scene is being pushed to Chapter 3. You'll just have to wait. Again, I apologize for the information overload. Lots of names and territories thrown into one chapter. I'm trying to simplify it, I swear. Crits welcome. Please! Does it make any sense? Is it dreadfully boring? Is it too short? Too long?

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This one certainly didn't want to be written, but here it is.  Constructive criticism welcome.   Enjoy. **Note to my fellow moderaters** Although this particular chapter doesn't include obvious fantasy/sci-fi elements, the prologue (already published in my library) does.  Thanks!

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This story took far too long to reach completion, perhaps because it ended up so completely different from my original plans.  Although perhaps a bit anachronistic, this story jumps back in time (as if time matters to these folks) from Fear and Panic to introduce what I believe are Panic's roots.  In the process I discovered some of his other distant relations, which will hopefully join this series in the near future.  Enjoy!


Oh, revisions. One day I would really like to be able to read one of my stories and not find some fault in it. Right. This short story was written as I worked through some of my own fears. I've always thought of Fear and Panic as real figures that spend their time torturing others. The general response has been a request for more with these characters, and I'm beginning to give it serious thought. Stay tuned. Oh my! A little gold star. Thanks bunches to my fellow mods, and everyone who read it!

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