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This past summer proved to be an extremely stressful one as feelings of homesickness and general pent up anger resulted in a HUGE artistic release.  My sketchbooks are overflowing.  Here's one of my sketches - soon to be updated in digitally painted form.  I's half done already.  I haven't quite decided whether she's faerie, fey, or sprite, but she spends most of her days sitting among the spotted mushrooms, plotting her next form of mischief.*summer 06*

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Behind Closed Eyes

This short story - if you can call it that - is a break-away from my other story Panic. A lot of people requested more of Panic and Fear, but I thought it was time I introduced some other characters. Obviously, if Panic and Fear exist, then others must as well. I have always known that the son of Panic and Fear would be Nightmare - what better offspring could there be for that pair? What I wasn't prepared for, was Nightmare insisting on the introduction of his most unlikely match. I will admit that I'm not entirely satisfied with this right now. Something about the way I've written Nightmare's perspective bothers me. Perhaps because he's a male character. Suggestions? I also had trouble in revealing who Nightmare's companion truly is. Hopefully it's not too large a leap. It could probably use a good editing session as well, but I'm feeling impatient. Constructive criticism welcome. Enjoy.

DisEnchanted -- 02

Oh my...another chapter. No promises on this one, it simply did not want to be written. As a result, scenes I never intended to be written inserted themselves, and scenes that I was looking forward to stumbled in their first steps. In the end I'm posting this without the ending scene I had originally planned. That scene is being pushed to Chapter 3. You'll just have to wait. Again, I apologize for the information overload. Lots of names and territories thrown into one chapter. I'm trying to simplify it, I swear. Crits welcome. Please! Does it make any sense? Is it dreadfully boring? Is it too short? Too long?

Natural Disaster -- 01

This one certainly didn't want to be written, but here it is.  Constructive criticism welcome.   Enjoy. **Note to my fellow moderaters** Although this particular chapter doesn't include obvious fantasy/sci-fi elements, the prologue (already published in my library) does.  Thanks!

A Very Fine Line

This story took far too long to reach completion, perhaps because it ended up so completely different from my original plans.  Although perhaps a bit anachronistic, this story jumps back in time (as if time matters to these folks) from Fear and Panic to introduce what I believe are Panic's roots.  In the process I discovered some of his other distant relations, which will hopefully join this series in the near future.  Enjoy!


Oh, revisions. One day I would really like to be able to read one of my stories and not find some fault in it. Right. This short story was written as I worked through some of my own fears. I've always thought of Fear and Panic as real figures that spend their time torturing others. The general response has been a request for more with these characters, and I'm beginning to give it serious thought. Stay tuned. Oh my! A little gold star. Thanks bunches to my fellow mods, and everyone who read it!

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