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I finally finished coloring this guy.. Maaaaan im totally exhausted..I've been really thoroug in both coloring and shading with this one, and the result is this. I think it's really good, at least for my level XD And once again I took time to draw a background. I'm not pleased with the lightning at all, I meant for it to be more realistic but I just couldn't get it right. However I am very pleased with the stormy clouds, I think they look pretty realistic. Water tool I love you! Also I spent some time on the eyes as well. I think I used about 6 different colors and 20 minutes to get them like I wanted them to be XDSo anyway.. I am planning on creating my own little group of Yakuza and this is the first character. I originally intended his last name to be Tatsumaki, but I came over two much better names that made a perfect combination XDName: Sadao OrochiAge: 22Height: 1,80 mWeight: 78 kgGender: MaleZodiac sign: SaggitariusDate of Birth: 19th of DecemberBio: Orochi as a child was an orphan and grew up in the streets of Kyoto in Japan. He survived by stealing food and by the age of 13 he was quite the little culprit. He killed his first person when he was 14. He was so unfortunate to witness the man rape a woman, and so the man got on his tail. When the man caught up to him Orochi was forced to fight. Orochi had experience fighting, after all he lived in the back streets of Kyoto and there any child had to fight for his life. When the man couldn't kill Orochi off with his fists alone he pulled out a gun. In a lucky shot Tatsumaki managed to dodge the first bullet and twist the gun out of the mans hand, and used it to kill him. Orochi kept the gun afterwards, and he somehow always managed to get ammunition for it one way or another. When he turned 18 Orochi was a gang leader and was boss of a quite big area of Kyoto. However in a showdown between his gang and their arch rivals most of the people on both sides were killed, and so Orochii disbanded his group to live on his own once again. However he did not know that their showdown had had an audience, and that the boss of one of the largest yakuza groups had been watching him. During the tme when Orochi led his gang he had taken several classes in different martial arts, and he was fully educated in all of them. This had come in handy when he went out of ammo on the battlefield, and his physical strenght was more than most enemies could handle. His markmanship was also superb, something the yakuza boss noticed. Orochi used two revolvers and didn't miss a single target while he still had ammo, and it counted for him moving and for moving targets as well. One thing the Yakuza boss had noticed was the sheath hidden beneath Orochi's coat, and he knew Orochi could wield a sword as well, making him even more lethal. The long blue hair that was braided from the neck and down had been flowing in the wind and the Yakuza boss thought that watching Orochi was like watching a predator elimenating his prey. Later the yakuza searhced out Orochi and abducted him, taking him to their head quarters were the boss offered Orochi the position of being his personal bodyguard. After some talking and convincing a still resisting Orochi complied and was given the tattoo of the group he now belonged to, swearing loyalty to his boss. Later Orochi and the young boss grew close, and now Orochi is with him at all times. He now functions as a right hand man on top of being the personal bodyguard of his boss, and his opinion is almost always taken into consideration. Though he is a skilled fighter and lethal to most enemies, it doesn't mean he never escapes injury. One could say he gets hospitalized regulary for protecting his boss and taking bullets, and he has been near death a number of times.Orochi kills off anyone whom try to harm his boss in any way and has taken more than one bullet to save his boss' life. Enemies can find themselves defeated by either fists, guns or swords.Appearance: Orochi has short blue hair, except from a point in his neck where he lets the hair grow into a long braid that he twists around his neck to keep it out of the way. He has narrow and intense golden eyes, while his facial structure is slim and soft. His left ear has three earrings, while his right ear has a bracelet like piercing. He displays a piercing at his right eyebrow as well as a visible stubble on his chin. His suit consists of long black loose fitted trousers, a light blue shirt topped with a vest, and a black suit jacked above this. Whenever he is outside he usually features a knee long coat on top of this, to hide the Katana strapped to his back. Whenever he has the coat on he usually lets his braid hand freel from his back instead of quirling it up and around his neck. He is also prone to wear black shades. Orochi also has two visible scars across his right eye from an old injury, achieved during a street fight in his teens. He also features several other scars such as two bullet wound scars that are placed diagonally above eachother on his left hip, as well as a rouch sword scar running from his right shoulder, between his shoulder blades ending beneath the lower left rib cage.Personallity: Despite his rather dark past Orochii seems like a rather happy guy. He's the kind of man that would sacrifice himself in order to save someone dear to him, and this is prooved by the fact that he has taken several bullets that were aimed at his boss. Orochi cares for all his collegue's, more for certain individuals. He is usually the one volunteering to fill new members in on everything and decide where they fit the best. Though he does not smile much and keeps a straight face no matter what the situation, he is still kind hearted to those he consider friends, and has no problem pulling a joke or laughing at other peoples jokes. It takes quite much to piss Orochi off, and he is rarely upset with anything. Due to the fact that he keeps such a front on a regular basis people that meet him tend to think that he is weak, and are given a nast surprise if they try something.However his personality is kind of two sided. If someone threatens or harms anyone he holds dear or consider for a friend, or does anything to harm his group his personality changes to the darker. Until the problem is dealt with Orochi will keep a straight face and usually give off a cold aura telling everyone but his boss to stay away. He'll cold heartedly eliminate the enemy and anyone whom stands in his or his boss' way. be it friend or foe. Orochi is the ideal assasin seeing as he is capable of using stealth on high levels, and he is often sent out on such orders, though he hates being separated from his boss whom he is supposed to protect. When this side of his person shows Orochi can loose control while fighting and brutally murder his enemies, and when he enters such a mode he scares the crap out of his colleagues, and none of them dares to enter his attack range unless he needs help. He is also very sneaky and decisive, and should the need be there to not fight... Orochi can use his deceiving skills to get him and his boss out of a bad situation. He is able to put up very realistic and beleivable fronts, and very few people can escape being fooled by him. In other words Orochi is the ideal bodyguard XDWeapons: Orochi wields to customized six bullet colts, and each of them are hidden in their holsters at the sides of his chest. He also hides a Katana underneath his coat whenever he and his boss goes outside for business, as well as strapping two 20 cm bladed daggers to each of his feet. In other words he is prepared for any siutation imaginable. He keeps his ammunition in small light holsters at his back, fastened to his belt.I chose to name him Sadao Orochi because he is sneaky and deceving like a snake, as well as he has a lot to say when decitions are to be made. His boss rarely does anything without Orochi making him a decisive man XD So this is yet another piece that I have up on my deviantart, and I am proud of it so I decided to upload it here as well.Sadao Orochi is (C) to me KiemariOROGINAL ART AND CHARACTER, DO NOT STEAL!

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