I'm Izzy, a.k.a. Drakhenliche (online). I like dragons, beasties and metal! Did I mention dragons? Most of my artwork pertains to these guys: The Daemonslayers Check it out if you like what you see here ;-) The site also plays host to all my stories and comic. Shameless plug time: If you like your fantasy art and writing with something of a darker flavour, check out the NecroDragon Forum, a community for like-minded people who are absolutely, definitely, not plotting world domination. *rubs hands sneakily*... Dark Fantasy ForumAnd on the topic of shameless plugs (and because folks keep asking so I thought I'd save 'em the bother), yes I do commissions, dragons being my speciality there, of course. Unfortunately I can't do art for free so please don't ask :-P Check out my gallery site NecrodragonArt for more info ;-) And just a quick note, please don't use my art without my permission! As mentioned above most of my pictures are drawn to the specific themes of my stories and characters and I don't want them to be used for other things.And a note on commercial use of my art... I do licence some of my work but I do charge a licence fee, as you should expect from any artist. I like dragons, drawing, fantasy, rock and metal (and other good music, but mostly the aforementioned). Favourite books Gemmel, Iain (M) Banks and a variety of others. Favourite music rock and metal.