DS. The Necroclast

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Isabelle L Davis

Ymmu. About time I did a proper character picture of him for the DS site rather than the one with him and the butterfly. He gets to play an important part later on in the Daemonslayers saga ... but I've a lot of writing to do to get to that stage! **************************** The right hand to the Lord of the Dead, Ymmu has a position of enormous power as second only to the demigod that rules the Spirit World. He's also head of the Necrotoria - the order of beings that keep the Spirit World ticking over. He takes a hands-on approach to his work (that's not just a pun based on his gauntlets, btw - he really does like to muck in with his subordinates). Occasionally his work takes him to the prime material plane where he never ceases to be amused (and sometimes bemused) by the 'quirky' and nonsensical ways of the mortals there since he has never been one as he was never alive. Usually it's to bring down an escapee or to meddle in mortal affairs on behalf of his master since demigods aren't spared the intrigues of Tymaera's Pantheon. Given his station, Ymmu could dress in impressive robes and lots of spangly bits of decorative jewellery and armour... but he's the practical type and so chooses not to especially since impressive flowing robes wouldn't last five minutes around his claws.   ramdon fact: Those gauntlets don't come off - they're actually his hands.

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