Giada Calo´

I'm Giada and i have been drawing ever since i can remember. I've always been very creative and had a very vivid imagination, this is probably why i love fantasy art. I'm intrigued by all sorts of  creatures, from fairies to gnomes and dragons. I love to daydream and wish i could be part of fantasy world:) I guess i have the approach of a child with such things, but i guess is what keeps my mind so creative.  I always have so many ideas in my head, so i'm doing my best to improve my skills in order to be able to transfer what i see in my head on the paper;) Fantasy illustrations is not the only kind of things i draw, i'm fond of portraits, animals and landscapes and illustrations in general. My style is realistic, i'm not good at all with surreal or abstract subjects. I tend to mostly draw female subjects, for some reasons  i find it much more interesting to draw. if you are curious to see more of my work you are welcome to visit my homepage