Ida Foss

Part time student. Occasional artist. Full time art-lover, history-nerd, uncurable bibliophile and shameless fantasy-addict. I'm in a steady relationship with Master Tolkien's wonderful works (at the age of 13 "The Lord of the Rings" changed my life). Other fandoms I stumble into from time to time include "Star Trek", "Star Wars", the works of Tamora Pierce, Guy Gavriel Kay, Juliet Marillier... But Middle-Earth is my home, I'll always return. When I find time to work on my own pieces I draw a lot of my inspiration from history and mythology. I am also fascinated with the medieval and renaissance use of symbolism in art and try to incorporate that into my work. Music plays a big part, both in my creative work and my life in general. A lot of folk-music (Celtic, Scandinavian, African...), a lot of epic soundtracks ("Braveheart", "Titanic", "Schindler's List", "Lord of the Rings" to name just a few.)