Ida Foss

I'm currently a student of Art History at university, with a preference for the Medieval - and Renaissance period. In between studies I'm trying tofit in as much time for drawing,writing and playing the recorder as I possibly can. I like Art, music, history, literature... just about anything and everything that makes up the Humanities! Favourite movies I cannot say that I have any particular favorite here, although Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Ring" trilogy is a strong contender for first place. I'm also rather fond of the Stargate SG-1 series and - of course - the original Star Trek! Favourite books Tolkien's works was my first introduction to the genre and will always be my first love as far as fantasy is concerned. Other favorites is Patricia A. Mckillip's "Riddle-Master", Stephen Lawhead's "Pendragon Cycle", and the works of Juliet Marillier and Guy Gavriel Kay. Favourite music I enjoy listening to most music written before the 20th century! :) The older, the better in my humble oppinion.