Abi Hockey

When I was about nine years old my father gave me the paint box he had used when he was a young man. It was a real 'grown up' box containing a wonderous variety of magical drawing and painting tools. I was so impressed - and honoured that he had given it up to me. And I tried... but I wasn't very good. At least not good like he was, and is. I am now 'grown up' and a few months ago decided to start drawing again and am loving it. I am completely self-taught... I'm not even sure that is correct. Some things are okay, some things are ghastly, sometimes the image I want to get from my head to the page is completely wrong - but I am having fun trying and learning something new every time I draw! And I love the sense of accomplishment when I finish something. So far I have only tried pencil sketches. I am working hard on perpective and proportion, and lighting I find almost impossible. One day I might have some 'real' talent... in the meantime I will just keep trying to record the images in my head.