Sarah Berman

I was in highschool, now I am not.  I haven't updated Elfwood in over 4 years, and it is unlikely that I will, because I am both lazy and not particularly good at art.  I write more than I draw, but you won't find a wyvern's library link here.  I am a bit less public about my writing, since I am more attached to it than I am to my drawings.  I admit here that I am not the best artist around, and that I don't really have a future in it.  I do enjoy drawing, though, because it is a great stress reliever.  And stress is something I have gotten my fair share of these past few years.  Many of the things that I draw are characters in my stories, and I might put a little bio of them in the description. So you know: This place is an absolute mess.  I haven't updated in a few years, and I really need to.  These pictures are generally awful.  I am dreadfully sorry for being this lazy. I like Reading, faeries, magic, trees, paganism, Ireland, writing, makeup, costumes, dance, piracy, history. Favourite movies Firefly, Dead Like Me, Lord of the Rings, Peter Pan, Pirates of the Caribbean, MirrorMask Favourite books Inkheart, Abarat, Interview With The Vampire, A Great and Terrible Beauty, The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Twilight, A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Peter Pan, Harry Potter. Favourite music Flogging Molly, Dresden Dolls, My Chemical Romance, Enya, Vienna Teng, Medieval Baebes, Lost Boys, Tori Amos, Broadway Musicals, Traditional Irish Music, NickleBack.