Meg Milano

ANOTHER UPDATE!!Well guys after a long break, I am back! And I've started something I think is really cool called Tortuous. Check it out :)IN MY LIBRARY RIGHT NOW: Cross My Heart: Chapters 00-04Raechel has a debt to be paid. If she doesn't make it in time, she'll either go crazy or die. Cassian is part of a very long line of Kings. He's ment to take back the throne from his more then 600 year old uncle. (Doncha just love crazy family members). Hal is a changeling. and there's more to follow!Take Me and 1001 Arabian Lights. Take me is a poem about chasing fairy's and AL is a short story about a Djin. More is coming on that one.Tortuous is a scifi story about an alternate reality where the state likes to controll everyones Endocrine System. (hormones) Essentially creating everyone into placid robots. Bee is a 16 year old girl with an andrenal imbalance, Wolf is a diabetic. They are both part of the pack. A resistance section.And Uhh that all folks. P.S I LOVER comments. _meg_   I like Everything with story, photography, calligraphy, anatomy, astrology, botany, and whatever else pops into my head. Favourite movies SMALLVILLE! and all other things super hero Favourite books Fave Books: A great and terrible Beauty. Im into all those historical/realistic/fantasy goodies. Any suggestions welcome Favourite music Fave Music: Regina Specktor. And anything else EXCEPT: sean kingston and 3OH3

Pesky Butterflies

Well I haven't written anything in quite a while, so don't expect a masterpiece.This is an exerpt from IN THE EYE. The last in what I like to call part two. Where Fools Walk Freely is part one.In this chapter, Rae, is at the camp in Riverhoard, where people go to train. A few months ago, when she arrived, she could barely stand on her own, and would start babbling the words of her ancesters and rather inconvientent times. So she decided that she'd return to Riverhoard, to regain her strength and confidence. Now she's about to take on Foor, a rather arrogant prig.Casey is someone she's befriended.

Cross My Heart: 00

Well I haven' t uploaded in a while. Actually I haven't really written anything in while. But I'm jumping back in whith a whole lot more ideas and a way better understanding of how this story is going to pan out. I'm sad to say that I will not be uploading anymore of Where Fools Walk Freely, (or at least not in any chronological order) the best we can hope for are exerpts. The reason I'm doing this is because one day I want to publish it, and the story up untill know hasn't really been that interesting. You can email me if you like and Ill send you the few experts I have so far. The good news is that I'm delving right back into Cross My Heart, which believe it or not, actually came first. But then i realized that the story was much better if their places were reversed and Voila. Two (eventual) seires about the same world. Comments on this would be REALLY appreciated. Don't worry about my feelings, please. Also everthing I post up here is a really really rough draft, I'm a teenager, we change our minds. Haha

Take Me

A poem I wrote in about ten minutes. Of course, it had a very different ending from this poem, but I kinda like this better.Anyway I doubt it's very good, but let me know. And I would love love love interpretations. Not everything is the way it seems