Rachel Allender

I am nutts! LOL. NO Joke, I really believe that I am crazy. But that is why I love being me, I have no problem with being crazy. I am on the shy side when i first meet someone but then you can never get me to shut up. Love anime and fantasy and my friend recently got me into sci fi. I like I love to draw and write and I hope to become a tattoo artist and writer Favourite movies Movies: Lord of the Rings trilogy, Dark Crystal, Fifth Element, The Nightmare Before Christmas (not in any particular order) TV: Moonlight, Walking Dead, Once Upon a Time, Being Human (no particular order) Favourite books East, Wicked, Blood and Chocolate, World War Z (no particular order) Favourite music RED, P!nk,Maroon 5, Apocalyptica , P.O.D., Panic! At The Disco, Three Days Grace, Fall Out Boy, Eminem. . . Anything really :D

The Invasion-1

My brothers have gotten me OBSESSED with zombies! i can't get enough of the oozing blood and dripping gore! This is dedicated to them!After the Outbreak spread to American, and the lazy contry finally realized that they can't just shrugg this off, they quickly fall to the malicious disease and it is over run with Zombies. Thankfully, a few well learned individuals have escaped to Canada, where the freezing weather can freeze the demonic beings in their tracks.

Ari 5

 The next Chapter in my little Ari's life. Things are really going to get strange from here, I hope you all enjoy the twist it takes!

Ari 4

Ari's life revealed

Ari 3

Ari meeting others

Ari 2

Ari meeting a few people


A young Nekojin child (animal person) Is taken into the care of a Pirate