Sarah Harlow

 I am Sarah Harlow. I believe in anything Organic. I love Candles, flowers, bright colors, and Raga. Call me a Hippy, I'll gladly accept it as a compliment. I am currently in High School. I attend WoodFord County High School, and am socially active in their Marching Band. I am proudly part of their Low Brass section. I love Music history, the Holicost, History over Japan, China, and Korea. I love being outdoors. I enjoy jogging, walking at night, riding Horses, kyacing, and doing Yoga. I am Anarcy. I am also Wiccan. I believe in Rastafarian. I will share my political veiws and Relgious veiw's with people ther message me. Spam mail is not worth my time, and neither is negative comments. If you don't like, get off my page. If you also type L!K TH!S, GET 0FF MY P@AGE.  I like Music. Photograph's. Art. Painting. Making Dreads. Braids. Out Doors. Cannabis. Animals. Flowers. Favourite movies Merlin. The Wheel of Time. Lord of The Rings. Vampire Kisses. Darren Shan. Favourite books Darren Shan. Steven King. Ellen Shcriber. Favourite music Rasta, Country, Classical, Pop, Rock, Classic Rock,

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