Gwladys Sarie

I like to write, write, write and write again ! I like writing, reading, travelling, learning languages Favourite movies The Lord of the Rings, the Twelve Kingdoms, Hakushaku to yousei... Favourite books same as above Favourite music goth, metal, baroque, classical, new wave...

Beatrice de Longpre

True friendship can lead an ordinary girl to go in a different world to rescue her best friend.  It is my first text that I didn't write in French and translate in English after.

The rag doll of Seirian

Seirian, the copper salamander, and her friends, Muirgen and the other travelled with an airship with the island of three nymphs, limnades (nymphs of the lakes) to find a treasure.

Chapter 1, second part, Ko Vesperia, Water Garden

suite of the story The Water Garden that I wrote for my young sister. It is about the elfest child, a magician  boy.

chapter 1, first part, of the water garden

This is the first part of the first chapter of a short story I wrote for my sister and it is about a family and a garden in a lake...They live with naiads, sirenes, undines, elves, fairies...