Syna and Amon SorroeWind

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Athena Amato

BEWARE LONG DESCRIPTONS!! A small, ragtag band of wandering performers came across what appeared to be a teifling infant, left for dead on the outskirts of Thay. Carrying the taint of evil in their very souls, teiflings are persecuted and feared in most parts of Faerun. Those with gross physical alterations are often killed at birth, and even those with less noticeable physical traits are sometimes killed by their own horrified parents. The child had been born with an extra, small and deformed arm and a growth on one hip that looked as though it could have been the beginnings of a leg. From her back grew four strange and awkward limbs. The child was supposed to be two, male and female twins, but genetics took them for a loop and s/he ended up a hermaphroditic, conjoined twin each with their own set of large black wings but just one body. The extra limbs were removed at a very young age because they had begun to impede the child’s ability to move comfortably. A man named Jacob took pity on the helpless infant and took it in as his own, giving it the name Syna, the name meaning “two together”. Syna got the nickname One because her adopted family did not know weather to refer to her as 'she/her' or 'he/him,' and eventually adopted the term 'one,' and it stuck. S/he is of just one mind, her 'other' surfacing not as a fully developed consciousness but more as separate emotional bursts that coincide with her own. S/he gave these disjointed emotions the name Amon, to keep a sense of self and a sense of 'other.' S/he chose the name Amon because it means, “the hidden one.” One could easily pass as either male or female, but Syna tended to dress and act more feminine then Amon. Since Syna was the dominant personality, as they got older people treated her more as a woman then otherwise. Amon was always a great comfort if not a silent companion through Syna’s life. Being twins they never needed words to understand what the other wanted or felt. They loved each other as any siblings would, if not more so. Syna kept Amon her secret, only telling her lover Liam, and her best friend Jadus. Amon was hers, the one thing that no one would ever be able to take away from her. Or so she thought. Their life was forever shattered when she found herself in a wizards lab, strapped to a stone alter in front of a large magical mirror. As it turns out, the Red Wizards of Thay (the Red Wizards are their most hated enemies, that’s a story for another time!) were trying to build an army using these magic mirrors to make copies of powerful warriors. But they did not anticipate or even expect there to be two consciousnesses in one body. That coupled with an interruption to the ritual, the mirror shattered before it had competed the spell. Syna and Amon were ripped apart, leaving them traumatized and devastated. For days all they could do was cling to each other and cry. Amon could barely function, never having had a body of his own to control before. His mind was erratic and frightened, the only think keeping him from completely loosing himself was Syna’s soft voice and gentle hands. Despite the split in their bodies their minds were still joined. They could hear each others thoughts, and feel each others emotions. They even shared physical sensation, they could feel their hands on each other as if they were touching themselves. Between the two of them, Amon had lost the most. Though he had gained a body, he had lost his life. He shared every memory, every experience, every emotion that Syna had though out their lives. But he is not Syna. None of her companions even knew he existed, and they treat him as someone they do not know. He’s lost Liam, and most painfully he feels he lost his son. Syna and Liam had adopted an abused boy named Leo during their adventures, and Amon had loved him as deeply as they had. The one thing that Amon misses the most is hearing Leo call them mother. *~*~*~*~*~*~* brush for the back wall came from

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