Hey! My name is Iulia and I'm 20 and in my third  year at Brock University. I like long walks on the beach and tall dark and handsome men. I enjoy a good laugh. If interested...Oh! Oops! Wrong site! Anyway, getting back on track - I've been drawing for a really long time - like....really long. Since I can remember. I am currently teaching myself in the art of Photoshop and refining my painting/sketching/colouring techniques on paper/canvas. This university thing is really increasing the time between pictures. *shakes fist at university* Um...a little about me you say you want to know? i like coloring with crayons. not being thirsty. playing guitar. singing. FROLICKING. threatening bunnies with fake claws (bunnies usually eat me after i do that). grammar. music. LIVE SHOWS. sometimes i like random capital LETTERS. i like the ampersand and explaining why it is called that. sometimes. i like reading & talking & debating & discussing and then being able to forget about it and not be UPSET. i like the idea of objectivity and of irrepressible emotions. i am pretty sure i like kissing. i am only mentioning that because it obviously defines me. i like film & theatre & culture & COOKING sometimes.i sometimes forget that contractions (we're, you're, & spect're, for example, can be rewritten as 'we are', 'you are', & 'spectre') can be used as effective writing devices. right?i write & draw & am a photographer. or someone who takes pictures for artistic purposes & no value. my camera is prettier than i am. so are you.i am a nerd, so there. i REVERSEGIBSONHACKEDMYFACEONCE. that's how hard i am.the following phrases: for reals, muffin cakes, honey bunches of oats, oh my heck, oh my stars, rawrawrfawrawrawrawr awr awr awr awr awr. and 'just joshing' sometimes makes me happy. rawawrarws.for some reason i had always wanted to be completely lost in a place where i did not speak the local language. that is me, kind of. hi. I'm the guitarist of a band called Anti-Prevention. We're a lot of fun - not like those stuck-up rock bands. Punk is all about fun - oh, and the music. *grin* Hoo-ah! So click on my website link to the right and check us out! Warning: The band website is in its humble beginnings!I'm open to commisions if anybody is interested. Oh! And before I forget - I just love getting comments! So make sure you write me one! It'll only take a few seconds of your time! Spanks!February 26, 2006 - After a ;long delay, I present the new Himitsu pictoral. June 19, 2005 - Angel Sketch, Three Borthers, and Warrior Elf all put up after almost a year of silnce on my behalf.