Irina Stefan

...I draw... and paint... from time to time... rarely, actually, quite rarely for someone who feels alive only when doing so... at some point in my life I did have a dream to become an artist but as I have never taken much confidence into anything that I can do, I've chosen another path... every now and then I use art to find some peace within myself... so if one catches me drawing, it sometimes only means that something has gone really bad......the things that end up on the paper are mostly things that I dream... at night or at day... or things that are probably dreams to others but quite real to me... I am rarely able to depict anything nearly as scary or as beautiful as I see it in my head, but putting it down releases things that haunt my soul so I guess I just need to do so... ...all in all... I don't see myself as an artist... I have just unfortunately been born with the inability to ever speak about how I feel... hence... I draw... I like fantasy art, dream flight, the inner mind - in no particular order Favourite music clint mansell - 'the fountain' soundtrack