Ivana Sabova

Do u know the feeling when u just don't know what to do? When everybody starts to just go 'puff' and disappear? When u suddenly realize that u r all alone in the world? Well, i got the feeling but at least my family is still standing right behind me...at least...so, i don't really remember when i started drawing, but it was surely a very long long time ago. So this is about myself, so i feel i should start like this: I'm a 15 yr old girl. My favorite foods are: lasagna, pizza, halusky, and roasted duck with red cabbage and dumplings...yummy...I hate school but am a good student nonethless. recently i found an interest in falconry ( but that also means that i have a very little time to draw or paint now :(, but i am happy :)and i own a pet rat named simba, and he is very very cute and does NOT bite :)))))...does any of u have the sleep walking habit? i do, well kinda better is did,for it was a long time ago :) . one beautiful january morning my mummy told me that she found me standing in the elevator outside our apartment in the middle of the night...she had to take the key out of the lock every night from then on...but much worse was the fact that in that condition, i thought that our sofa is a toilet ;) I had a happy childhood!!! The best book i've ever read is The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and right after that comes LotR, and i also love The Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket, it's a pity u can't get it in slovakia :( I love so many movies that it's quite impossible to choose the best one...right, so i hope it's enough. Enjoy my gallery!!! all of that is OLD..i have to delete it...but i've just been swept away by a very heavy and aggresive piece of nostalgia that just jumped out of this discription.maybe another time....btw i'm 19 right now