Iveta fairy godmother' Ts. Malinova

Hi,everyone! My name is Iveta and I was born in 1988 in Bulgaria. My favorite book is The Lord of the rings by Tolkien.In 2001 I decided to involve my imagination and sensitiveness in a book-The Princess of Atalanta. I created a new world- West land, inhabited by heroes, who fight with the Evil.Besides the Princess of Atalanta, I work on many other projects.I hope that you will enjoy my work!  P.S.: I must give my thanks to my best friend Iva,who has ever supported me in everything:)   And if somewhere there are mistakes, please, tell me and I’ll correct them ;)

A lost love

This is a poem from Atalanta(which of course I had created:)).A lot of atalants have given their lives in the name of their kingdom and this poem is for them.I have implicated some believings of the atalants in this poem and I hope you will enjoy it.

Adenark-the land of the doomed

And,at last,the final part of the First chapter....

A plain in mist

This is a poem for the world,which has been changed by the endless war between the two main powers-the evil and the good....

'Adenark-the land of the doomed'

This is one of my 'other projects'. 'Adenark-the land of the doomed' is my second book, but the story,described in it,starts before 'The Princess of Atalanta'. In 1560 of the creation of Atalanta,Maltazzar,the evil king-magician of the west realm Adenark, tried to create a powerful stone, which possessed many abilities.He,however,had to overcome all his enemies,before achieving his goals.

Adenark-the land of the doomed

This is the next part of the story.I know it is a very small piece but recently I have no time:(I hope soon to have enough time to do the translations;)

Adenark-the land of the doomed

The story of Heroneia and her sister continues...