Sydney Mohr

Well, II don't know why I didn't join earlier, but I decided to today. I've been drawing since I was 18 months old! My mother, grandmother, great grandmother, etc etc were all artistically inclined, so I suppose it runs in the family :). Besides drawing I am writing a fantasy novel, and also a score to go along with it. I've always loved fantasy, whether it's in writing, on TV, or in art of course! I like Drawing, Birdwatching, Photography (I mainly take pictures of birds - go figure!), writing music (I only write orchestra scores), and Ancient and Medieval History, which is my major in university. This is my last year!!!! 0.o Favourite movies PJ's Lord of the Rings :)....there's more but I can't remember :P Favourite books The Lord of the Rings, A Song of Ice and Fire Favourite music I listen exclusively to Medieval and Classical music, as well as movie scores. Medieval music includes chanting, chansons, motets, etc, from circa 900 AD up to the 17th century.